A WndrCo Gamble

July 29, 2017 Jonathan Trenn 0

At first I thought it would work.  It sounded brilliant.  It probably still is.  But with an initial investment of $2B for a project that doesn’t have either a determined production facility or a digital platform, […]

YouTube Introduces VR180

June 28, 2017 Jonathan Trenn 0

YouTube made a great move and they may just help kick off a greater appreciation and adoption of virtual reality. They’re rolling out a new video 180 degree format, called Google VR180 and they’re bringing […]

Streaming overtakes cable

June 13, 2017 Jonathan Trenn 0

Fluent, an NYC marketing research and technology company that specializes in customized audience development via serving personalized ads, just completed a study that shows us just how much media consumption of Americans is changing.  Streaming […]

Pokemon Go is banned in Iran

August 7, 2016 Jonathan Trenn 0

An Iranian governmental body called the High Council of Virtual Spaces has decided to ban Pokemon Go within the country.  Why?  Security reasons. The council may be willing to change their mind if they are […]

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