A WndrCo Gamble

At first I thought it would work.  It sounded brilliant.  It probably still is.  But with an initial investment of $2B for a project that doesn’t have either a determined production facility or a digital platform, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s venture will take some convincing.  And tweaking.

Katzenberg is looking for top shelf partners for his latest vision, WndrCo:  an entertainment and production entity that will feature short form video series.  Ten minutes episodes.  Five minute interviews.  Two minute news segments.  The word is, not longer than those times given. The target base is, of course, millennials with their short attention spans.  The platform will, of course, be mobile.

Frankly, I don’t care how short of an attention span people think the 18-34 year olds have, those time limits are too…limited.  I don’t think millennials think in terms of “time slots”.  I know I really don’t care any more.  Let it be free form…generally short…but without restrictions.

The production will be top notch, studio quality.  From writing to whole settings to acting.  They’ll likely reel in some top talent.  That’s great.  That may be their key advantage.   Because, as we’ve seen from hundreds of young influencers that have come up on their own, the open nature of the digital arena offers a lot of opportunity for the young and talented and the determined and savvy.



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