Stella Artois Gives Beautifully Awkwardly

Stella Artois is one of my favorite beers.  They’ve been on YouTube for some time now.  This holiday season, they are running a series of themed videos called “Give Beautifully”.  Four of them, all with touching stories of a person giving a friend or a lover something that is inherently special.

Can you guess the decade? #TBT #stellaartois #vintage

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It doesn’t work for me.The stories are fine within themselves, but they aren’t compelling enough.  The idea is that the gifts are somewhat secret…a surprise.  Yet the recipient is seemingly oblivious to the camera crew present, complete with lighting and a microphone.

Nor can they be tied into beer.  The stories are, yes, touching.  But they really aren’t celebratory.  I’ve never been much for brand separation from brand.

Now, Stella is over on Instagram.  They’ve got 113 photos as of now.  Not a major effort, but I’m getting thirsty.

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