YouTube Introduces VR180

YouTube made a great move and they may just help kick off a greater appreciation and adoption of virtual reality.

They’re rolling out a new video 180 degree format, called Google VR180 and they’re bringing in virtual reality creators to kick things off.

A problem for many creators with the 360 format is that it can be pretty difficult developing a compelling story on for all those 360 degrees.  It often doesn’t work that well.

YouTube is accepting applications from creators so they can participate in a three month “boot camp” where those successful enough to be accepted will get extensive training and as much as $40K to fund their projects.  They’re partnering with VRScout and VRPlayhouse on this.  Both companies are part of the growing VR scene based in LA.

It’s a great idea because VR is often intangible to many. This will create more awareness while potentially building a community of future creators from the audience that watches.

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