Dreamscape: coming to a theater near you

Dreamscape Immersive is a company I’ve been watching for several months now.  They haven’t developed their website beyond a placeholder page because their offering aren’t ready yet, but all that means is that the present is not their time.  Their time is in the future.  And the future is almost here.

There’s a host of reasons as to why VR adoption is going slower that some have predicted.  Cost of equipment and cost of content creation combined had resulted in creative studios from investing in production for an audience that’s not there yet while consumers aren’t going to invest in headsets if the content they could potentially see is limited.

The solution:  location based VR.  Arcades on an smaller scale and movie theaters on a larger scale.  Places where people can go out as a group and have fun.  Enter Dreamscape, who will be using their technology to provide for up to six people to share a full bodied immersive communal VR experience.  That may be the secret sauce to get things rolling.  Shared experiences may enjoyable enough for the curious to tryout.  Trying things out may get them hooked.  They get hooked and that means more content created, headsets sold, and investments made.

AMC, the largest theater chain in the country, just laid down $20 million in Series B investing. We now know where Dreamscape will be setting up their systems over the next few months.  The $20 million comes after an initial round led by Bold Partners among other entertainment industry giants Warner Bros., MGM, 2oth Century Fox, IMAX, and Stephen Spielberg.

Dreamscape was founded by former Swiss tennis pro Caecilia Charbonnier and investor and activist Kevin Wall, a longtime industry vet who always seems to be a step ahead of the game.  They’ve brought in Disney’s Bruce Vaughn as CEO.  His deep experience in creating business relationships while bringing in innovative concepts to theaters and making them successful will be vital.

I’m just hoping Dreamscape Immersive comes to a theater near me.


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