Corporate strategies missing link: your local people

Go into any mall near where you live or work.  Pop in a store or two.  Or twelve.  Ask a manager about their digital platform presences.  Not necessarily their company website.  But about their what’s going on on their Facebook page or what their tweeting about.  How many boards they have (if any) on Pinterest.  They won’t know of any digital marketing campaigns  that are currently in play.  They won’t know the content strategy.  They won’t how SEO affects local marketing – and vice versa.  They won’t know that much about mobile.  They’ll know very little about apps.

The likelihood is that you’ll get blank stares.

That’s typical.  That’s unfortunate.  That’s often a missed opportunity.

While corporate America thinks it is coming to terms with digital, they are actually handicapping themselves by not only failing to train their key personnel on the local level, they are not even giving their people basic information as to what the company is intending to do.

This goes for both retail outlets and for restaurants.

It prevents local and regional managers from reporting how much of the digital marketing from corporate is affecting business coming in the door.  And it prevents the local and regional managers form gleaning their own knowledge as to what should be done to improve current efforts.

That’s bad for business.


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