RNC makes a sound investment…perhaps because they had to

In what looks like to be a smart move, the Republican National Committee recently reserved a whopping $150,000,000 in digital video ad buys for the upcoming 2016 elections.  They’ll be targeting Latinos, women, millennials, and independents.

Hillary Clinton’s super Pac has reserved a much smaller amount – $35,000,000.  That’s not an insignificant buy…but it’s going to be limiting if they have to compete later for ad buys in October.

It’s a smart move for a few reasons.  One is simply this:  that’s where an increasing larger amount of potential voters are.  And it makes sense to get in front of them.

But it’s also smart whom the GOP is targeting.  Four groups that Trump needs to not do disasterously with.  More importantly, it’s four groups that could decide a lot of House and Senate races.  That’s why this buy occurred.  The party knows that the Donald has insulted a lot of Latinos and women.  They also know that Bernie Sanders has proven that many millennials have a problem with Hillary.  The presidency will likely be won by winning over the independents.  People like me

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