Millennials will change video delivery and they’ll demand respect from brands

This report from Comscore tells us three things, none of which are unexpected.

One is that millennials, even if their viewing habits don’t fully match it, show a strong preference for digital video over traditional television.

The second is that millennials daily binge watch digital video on YouTube at an incredible rate.  A full 37% of the 18-34 set manage to set aside time on a daily basis as compared to 14% of those over 34.

The third is that millennials are open to advertising – if it is personalized.  Mass advertising doesn’t do it for them.  This is an obvious result of growing up online where personalization was once feared but now has become expected.

But personalization isn’t everything.  It may show a sense of respect…but that only goes so far.  Brands will need to learn how to maintain that respect if they want to keep the interest of the notoriously short attention spans of today’s young people.  They may be young, but they are often more sophisticated consumers than previous

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